education, advocacy and research for Lyme disease
Do You Have Lyme Disease?


By participating in fundraising, you are helping advocate for change, raise awareness and fund research that can improve patients’ lives living with Lyme disease. Turn any activity you’re passionate about into a fundraiser and manage it through you personal dashboard. Pledge your birthday, throw a dinner party, or even get your pets involved with a photo shoot. Need more tips? Check out Fundraising Activity Ideas.
How Your Support Makes a Difference

Education is the largest communications network in Lyme disease. Our website draws millions of unique visitors a year providing up-to-date and timely news and Lyme disease education.


We conduct the largest research study of Lyme disease through our patient registry and research platform, MyLymeData. MyLymeData empowers patients to use their data to drive change.


Grass roots advocacy representing the patient for legislative, treatment and insurance changes. We represent hundreds of thousands of patients and provide them with the tools essential to empowerment.

The Lyme Times

The Lyme Times connects you to trustworthy information on critical research, events and treatment for Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.


Weekly e-newsletter and social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Instagram keep the public informed on timely topics and events facing the patient population.


These wonderful, committed people have created their own fundraising campaigns to support’s work to conduct patient centered research, educate the public, and engage in science-based advocacy supporting Lyme patients throughout the nation. Interested in creating your own personal fundraising campaign?

why we ADVOCATE for people with Lyme disease

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