education, advocacy and research for Lyme disease
Do You Have Lyme Disease?

Physician Programs provides clinicians with resources and connects them with those they care for, the patients.

Physician Resources
Waiting Room Program

This is a unique program that gives you the opportunity to offer your patients a free membership. When you enroll in the program, patients can receive a 2-day membership at no cost. Additionally there are benefits for your practice.

Training & Resources

We have gathered a list of resources that clinicians may download along with resources to obtain the training essential to providing good clinical care for Lyme patients

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Physician Directory

Help us connect patients with your practice. Through our Physician Directory, we have connected thousands of patients with Lyme-literate clinicians. Click below to learn more about how to be included in the online Lyme Disease Physician Directory.

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Waiting Room Membership

The physician Waiting Room Program Membership provides your patients with a free, 2-day membership, which includes complete access to digital issues of the Lyme Times and other key resources.
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