What Your Fundraising Supports

What Your Fundraising Supports

By fundraising for LymeDisease.org, you support our efforts to continue to conduct patient centered research, educate the public, and engage in science-based advocacy supporting Lyme patients throughout the nation.

LymeDisease.org Founded In 1989.

LymeDisease.org is one of the oldest Lyme disease 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the nation. We work to make the patient voice stronger, to support patient-centered research, to create legislative change, and to create a future where Lyme patients can receive the treatments they need to get well. We do this through patient empowerment and science-based advocacy—a powerful combination.

We Empower Patients through Education and Research.

We strive for patient involvement at all levels of decision making, from research project selection, guideline development, and individualized treatment decisions. We advocate for patient voices to be heard in health policy-making and at the physician’s office. We represent hundreds of thousands of patients and provide them with the tools essential to empowerment. Our communications network is both one of the most extensive and highly trusted in the nation, with state-based internet groups in every state and widely distributed website content, blogs, social and print media, including our publication, The Lyme Times. At the same time, we conduct the largest research study of Lyme disease through our patient registry and research platform, MyLymeData.
MyLymeData is LymeDisease.org’s new survey tool that tracks patient progress over time
MyLymeData is LymeDisease.org’s new survey tool that tracks patient progress over time
What We Believe:
  • Lyme patients must have access to quality medical care.
  • Patient care should be patient-centered and address the needs of patients.
  • Patients are entitled to make choices about their treatment options.
  • Patients must be given the information necessary to make informed choices.
  • Research that matters to patients must be funded.
  • Patient-driven research that is clinically relevant is necessary for progress.