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Lyme disease patients have difficulty finding doctors with experience treating Lyme disease. For the past 25 years, has been connecting patients with Lyme-literate practitioners who specialize in caring for patients with Lyme disease.

We are happy to connect you with your nearest Lyme literate practitioner’s contact information. Please note, however, we are not privy to the status on each individual offices’ payment/insurance practices or if they are accepting new patients, with that said, we do encourage you to use the information available to contact the offices directly.

To find a Lyme disease specialist using the Physician Directory, simply click on the button below.

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Co-Infection Issue

We Are Grateful to the Lyme Community for Your Continued Support

This Holiday Season, we want to share our genuine appreciation of the Lyme patient community by giving you access to a members-only issue of the LymeTimes. The Co-Infection Issue has been recognized as a valuable tool for all patients with Lyme disease, their families and the Lyme-literate practitioners who treat this disease.