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Getting Started With Your Fundraising Campaign is committed to advocating for change, raising awareness and funding research that can improve Lyme disease patients’ lives, but we need your help. The money you raise through your personalized fundraising campaigns helps continue our mission: conducting patient centered research, educating the public, and engaging in science-based advocacy supporting Lyme patients throughout the nation. Join the team today!

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It’s Easy To Create Your Fundraising Campaign

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Register As
A Fundraiser

The first step is to register. Its quick and easy to Register To Be A Fundraiser.

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Create your
Fundraising campaign

It’s easy to do. It only takes a minute to set up a campaign. Tell your story or share a personalized video so your friends and family will know more about what your Lyme disease experience has been like.

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Spread the word
about your fundraiser

Start with a self-donation, then ask your family and friends to join your cause. Tell everyone about it through emails, social media, and texts asking them to support your campaign. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal.

Looking for inspiration?

Need some inspiration? There are so many fun ways to raise money. Check these ideas out to get those creative juices flowing. Turn any activity you’re passionate about into a fundraiser and manage it through you personal dashboard. Pledge your birthday, throw a dinner party, or even get your pets involved with a photo shoot. Need more tips? Check out our Fundraising Activities.

Pledge Your Birthday
Host a Pub Crawl
Pet Picture Day
Hold a Chili Cookoff
Hold a Rubber Duck Race
Daily Indulgence Jar