Waiting Room Program Membership

Learn about Lyme disease while you’re waiting for your appointment. Join for free and get 2 day access to the resources a LymeDisease.org membership offers.

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. And at no cost.

Waiting Room Program Membership

The physician Waiting Room Program (WRP) Membership provides you with a free, 2-day membership, which includes complete access to digital issues of the Lyme Times and other key resources. You will also have instant access to special edition issues of the Lyme Times, featuring in-depth coverage of important topics, such as insurance coverage, children and Lyme disease, and alternative therapies.

Look for registration information at your healthcare provider’s office to take advantage of this free offer!

A select group of Lyme disease specialists are participating in the Waiting Room Program. At your next appointment, ask your doctor if they are a program member. If so, request the Waiting Room coupon code. Enter it. And begin your membership!

If your healthcare provider is not participating in the Waiting Room Program, click here to give us information about your healthcare provider so that we can send them information about the program.

How it works


When you check-in for your appointment, ask the receptionist for the LymeDisease.org Waiting Room Program code.


While in the waiting room, register and enter the WRP code.


Once enrolled, your free 2-day membership begins. It’s that quick. And that easy.

Your Membership Benefits

Online Access To

The Lyme Times features articles about Lyme disease diagnostic guidelines, stages of disease progression, alternative treatments, advancements in research, political action updates, and first-person stories written by patients living with Lyme disease.
Online Access To
Special Issues

Explore topics that matter most to patients and their families. Lyme Times’ special edition issues provide in-depth coverage on a variety of topics, including tick-borne diseases in children and adolescents, integrative medicine, and insurance challenges, along with updates on legislation impacting patient care.
Lyme Disease
Member Resources

A comprehensive database of resources covering insurance and disability, treatment guidelines, healthcare policy, and links to helpful organizations, support groups and publications.