Ways You Can Fundraise

Fundraising Activities

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a fundraiser to raise funds for LymeDisease.org. Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing but you are in no way limited to the suggestions given below.

Be creative and design your own fundraiser. Send us pics and we will post them on our website along with the funds raised. Together we can find a cure, create legislative change and improve the lives of people suffering with tick borne diseases.

Easy to do events:
  1. Clean out your closets and get paid cash for your items: There are several companies that will send you a prepaid shipping bag/box. Place your gently used (but in good condition) items in the bag and ship them off. You will receive a check for your items that you can donate to LymeDisease.org. Get your friends and family members to participate.

    Clothes: Bloom.org

    Shoes: Funds2Orgs.com

    Toys: Swap.com

  2. Hold a used book sale: Have friends gather used books and hold a sale.
  3. Pet Picture Day: Set up an photo shoot in a local park or store and charge for digital pictures that can be emailed to the pet owner. Fun event to do around a holiday theme.
  4. Hold a birthday fundraiser: Instead of presents ask for donations to LymeDisease.org.
  5. Partner with a local restaurant: Have a percentage of the daily sales go to LymeDisease.org.
  6. Hold a community yard or HOA yard sale: Donate proceeds to LymeDisease.org.
  7. Host a Pub Crawl and sell tickets to attend: You will need to line up several restaurants to participate and ask them to have a special “drink” for the crawlers to taste.
  8. Daily Indulgence jar: Have participants donate their daily “latte” allowance for a month to LymeDisease.org.
  9. Throw a Virtual Party: People buy tickets and don’t have to attend.
  10. Check to see if your employer does matching funds: Organize an event at work where fellow employees pledge a one time donation thru their payroll deduction.
  11. Set up an office “curse” jar: Have people donate a set amount for every curse word uttered in a month’s time.
Events that Take More Organization but Have a Bigger Payoff:
  1. Hold a Charity Auction dinner at a local restaurant or club.
  2. Organize a Gold Tournament at local gold course.
  3. Hold a Trivia Night Contest with teams playing against each other: Teams pay to enter
  4. Weekend Car Wash.
  5. Back Yard BBQ- charge an entrance fee.
  6. Hold a Chili Cookoff: Have attendees vote for the best chili by placing tickets they purchase in a pot in front of their favorite recipe’s booth (fun to do at a Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day event).
  7. Pet Walkathon.
  8. Walkathon or 5K event.
  9. Bowlathon.
  10. Seasonal Fundraisers: (buy wholesale items).

    Pumpkin Patch

    Tulips or Flower Bulbs for Mother’s Day

    Valentines bouquets

  11. Partner with a local service club such as Rotary, Lions, Soroptimist (etc.) for an event such as:

    Fashion Show

    Crab Feed

    Pancake Breakfast

    Charity Auction

    A themed party: such as “A Night at the Oscars”, Halloween Party, Kentucky Derby Party, Movie Night, etc.

    Host a Silent Auction

  12. Team up for Concession duty: Your team does the work and gets a percentage of the sales to donate to LymeDisease.org.
  13. Belong to a Team? Host an Event.
  14. Organize a bike ride, car rally, scavenger hunt: Teams pay to participate to raise money for LymeDisease.org.
  15. Organize a sandcastle building contest or an ice sculpture contest.
  16. Pie Eating Contest.
  17. Organize a Corporate Challenge between the businesses in your community: Teams compete for a trophy and bragging rights. Entry fees and sponsorships help raise money.
  18. Celebrity Waiter or Bartender Dinner: Partner with a local restaurant –tips and percentage of the sales go to LymeDisease.org. Have local dignitaries serve as wait staff and bartenders.
  19. Hold a Rubber Duck Race in a local stream or river: Obey all local Environmental laws.
  20. Cruise for a Cure: Gather local boat owners to host paying guest for an afternoon of boating and end the day at a local park/restaurant for a cocktail party or dinner.
  21. Hold a recycling event with a local recycling company.

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