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Leave A Lasting Legacy

Leave a lasting legacy that will help raise awareness and fund research that can improve Lyme disease patients’ lives.

Did you know that only one in eight people leaves a financial legacy to a charity or endowment fund in their financial/estate planning?

It is a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy and help continue to pursue equity for our Lyme patient population. is the oldest Lyme organization and the only one focused on patient advocacy, treatments, legislation, insurance issues and our patient centered research project, the MyLymeData patient registry and research platform. A legacy gift will help us to continue to fight for patient’s rights since the battle is far from over.

Why Should Your Consider a Legacy Fund?

  1. To create your charitable legacy now but fund it at some point in the future.
  2. To build a legacy of giving for your family
  3. To achieve the best tax benefits for yourself and your heirs.
  4. Plan now to support your favorite causes (such as either in the near future or in perpetuity after your death
  5. To explore creative financial solutions for tailoring your giving in simple, smart and meaningful ways.

Legacy Options:

Leave a Legacy to benefit the Lyme patient communityThere are several ways you can leave a lasting legacy that will help benefit the Lyme patient community. What ever vehicle you choose, your legacy funds will be used judiciously to further’s patient centered mission. Your gift can be given to the general fund or it can also be a restricted research donation to fund MyLymeData or other research projects.

Learn more about the MyLymeData patient registry and research project.

Before making a legacy donation, we suggest that you consult your tax advisor or attorney to make the best choice for your situation.

Life Insurance

You can name as a full or partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Life insurance donations are probably the easiest to set up using an existing policy or a brand new one. Please consult your insurance agent for specific details on plans and wording.

Retirement Fund

Retirement fund assets from a qualified plan or IRA can be heavily taxed depending on how they are distributed. Donating the assets to could be an opportunity to leave a legacy while possibly avoiding income taxes. Retirement funds that are considered a “qualified plan” include IRAs, Keoghs, qualifies pensions, profit-sharing plans and a deferred compensation plan.

Trusts and Wills

You can set up your will or trust to donate a gift of money, stocks, bonds, real estate or other personal property. These items can also be given during your lifetime to If you are interested in making a donation of stock please email for’s DTC Clearing number and account information.

While most estate plans focus on leaving wealth to your heirs, some people wish to provide for a charitable cause such as thru their estates. A trust is a vehicle that allows you to do that. Please contact your legal advisor for more information.

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
— William James
About seeks to make the patient voice stronger, to support patient-centered research, and to create a future where Lyme patients can receive the treatments they need to get well. Its focus is on large scale science-based advocacy, communications and big data research.

Founded in 1989, it is one of the oldest, largest, and most trusted sources of patient information on Lyme disease, drawing millions of unique website visitors a year. Its MyLymeData patient registry and research platform has enrolled over 16,000 patients and is among the top 5% of patient-led registries in the nation. Its communications network distributes resources and educates the public about the science of tick-borne diseases via website content, blogs, social media, and an online journal, the Lyme Times.

More Info

You can also donate to by clicking here or through the mail. Please make checks payable to and mail them to, PO Box 716, San Ramon, CA 94583.

If you have any questions, please call Carolyn Degnan, COO at 510-807-0133 or Barbara Barsocchini at 310-456-9931 (PST daytime only).


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