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Lyme Disease Book Reviews

Lyme Disease Book Reviews

The following is a selected list of books about Lyme disease reviewed by

Cannabis for Lyme Disease

Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use

by Shelley White

A discussion of the use of medical marijuana for the relief of Lyme symptoms.

Gone in a Heartbeat

A Physician’s Search for True Healing

by Neil Spector, MD.

Gripping memoir of a man whose Lyme disease went unrecognized for so long, he ultimately needed a heart transplant.

Bite Me:

How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy and Almost Killed Me

by Ally Hilfiger

Riveting first-person account of what it’s like to be a young child—and then a teenager—with undiagnosed Lyme disease. 

Suffering the Silence

Chronic Lyme Disease in an Age of Denial

by Allie Cashel

Memoir of growing up with Lyme disease.