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About The COVID-19 and Lyme Survey

COVID-19 has created massive disruptions to daily life over the last few months. Some people have lost loved ones. Others have been sickened by the coronavirus or have family members who have it. Yet, even those who have escaped direct physical harm from the virus have experienced major changes. Many of us have had to modify the way we live, work, shop, and educate our children—including wearing face masks in public!

We at MyLymeData want to know specifically how the pandemic is affecting the Lyme community.

How do you take the survey?

If you are already enrolled in MyLymeData, all you have to do is log in and click on the survey from your participant dashboard. If you have not yet joined MyLymeData, now is the perfect time to sign up.

MyLymeData allows patients to quickly and privately pool their data to accelerate research. A key goal of MyLymeData is to determine what treatments are most effective for Lyme disease patients. Your input helps us do that. You can view results from 2019 study here.

Click here to register and complete the entry survey(s). Then the new COVID-19 survey will be available on your participant dashboard. It is that easy.  However, if you have any questions or experience trouble please email us at

MyLymeData - Lyme Disease Research

The Top Five Things MyLymeData Is Investigating:

  • What is the natural course or progression of Lyme disease?
  • Which treatments (prescription or alternative) are the most effective?
  • Some patients have recovered and are well. What treatment made the difference?
  • What are the harms or risks associated with different treatments?
  • What role do co-infections play in the course of the illness?

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MyLymeData Lyme Disease Research Viz Blog

MyLymeData Viz Blog

MyLymeData Viz provides the community with results from MyLymeData providing the data that will accelerate the pace of research in Lyme disease.

About MyLymeData Lyme Disease Research

About MyLymeData

MyLymeData lets Lyme disease patients learn from each other and provides data that can help drive Lyme disease research to improve their lives.

What Makes MyLymeData Lyme Research Different

What Makes MyLymeData Different

MyLymeData is the first national large-scale study of chronic Lyme disease. This study is different from all other Lyme disease research studies because it’s patient-powered BIG DATA research.

Watch Videos About MyLymeData Lyme Disease Research

MyLymeData Videos

Watch videos about MyLymeData Lyme disease research where thousands of patients are joining together, pooling their data and are able to see which treatments are working best.

Previous Lyme Disease Studies

Previous Lyme Disease Studies

For more than ten years, has been conducting patient studies to bring the perspective of Lyme disease patients to the forefront.

Support MyLymeData Lyme Disease Research

Support MyLymeData

Your support helps fund research that matters to patients. Our research committee includes scientists, physicians and patients working together to determine and fund patient-centered Lyme disease research.

What Is MyLymeData And Why Is It So Important To People With Lyme Disease?

MyLymeData lets patients lead the way to help find a cure.

Add your Lyme data to MyLymeData today!

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