Thank you for alerting the public to this season’s bumper crop of ticks and some of the diseases they can carry (“Beware of the bugs,” June 25). However, I was dismayed by your article’s suggestion to stomp a tick after you’ve removed it, or to douse it with alcohol.

Here’s a better idea: Put the still-living tick in a zip-lock bag, along with a piece of green grass, which will help keep it moist. Saving the tick intact will allow it to be properly identified and, if necessary, tested for Lyme disease.

Best idea of all: Don’t get bitten in the first place. When hiking, stick to the middle of trails and avoid brushing against tall grass. Wear protective clothing and use appropriate repellent on exposed skin. Check yourself, your children and your pets for ticks after you’ve been outside.

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Dorothy Leland

California Lyme Disease Association