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Lyme Times
Winter 2023

  • Sex-based Differences In Lyme Disease
  • A New Way of Thinking About Long-haul Disease May Steer Research in Promising Directions
  • The Lyme Pandemic that COVID Uncovered
  • Cautionary Advise Regarding “Benzo” Drugs for Lyme Patients
Lyme Times
Summer 2023

  • New treatment options for chronic Lyme patients
  • What patients most frequently ask their Lyme doctors
  • Recognizing and treating Lyme disease in young children
  • Natural remedies for the chronic inflammation of Lyme disease
Lyme Times
Fall 2022

  • Pioneering Lyme Pediatrician Charles Ray Jones Dies at Age 93
  • A Eulogy for Dr. Charles Ray Jones, by Friends and Admirers
  • Rehabilitating Your Lyme-Impaired Vision
  • Racial Disparities in Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease
Lyme Times
Spring 2022

  • Head trauma, prolonged neurological symptoms, and Lyme disease
  • What if Mental Health is Really Brain Health?
  • Promising New Drug Would Eradicate Lyme While Leaving Gut Microbes Alone
Lyme Times
Winter 2021

  • Risk of depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide are higher in infected patients.
  • Lyme Spirochetes in an Autopsied Brain (Despite Treatment)
  • Lyme Disease Can Restrict Blood Vessels Near Optic Nerve
Lyme Times
Summer 2021

  • How Much Does the CDC Undercount Lyme Disease? It depends where you live.
  • Migrating Birds Play Huge Role in Distributing Ticks Around the World
  • Lyme Patients Vaccinated for COVID-19 Have Similar Side Effects as General Population
Lyme Times
Spring 2021

  • “High Responder” Patients Were More Likely to Have Taken Antibiotics
  • People with Persistent Lyme Symptoms Have Distinctly Different Gut Microbes
  • Most MyLymeData Participants Worry About Exposure to COVID-19
Lyme Times
Fall 2020

  • Dr. Neil Spector: A Legacy Remembered
  • Neil Spector, MD: Parallels Between Cancer & Tick-borne Disease Research
  • Lyme Disease Symptoms Could be Mistaken for COVID-19
  • Treating Psychiatric Lyme Symptoms with Disulfiram
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