Summer 2023

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New treatment options for chronic Lyme patients

Novel therapeutic protocols offer hope for complex cases.

By Dr. Steve Harris

In Lyme carditis, spirochetes disrupt the heart’s electrical system

Proper treatment of Lyme carditis can often avoid the need for a permanent pacemaker.

By Sunjya Schweig, MD

An Overview of Lyme Disease Testing

There are many nuances associated with Lyme disease testing, especially in late-stage illness.

By Dr. Todd Maderis

When specific foods trigger brain inflammation in children

Immune dysregulation in people with tick-borne infections often results in food sensitivities, with far-reaching effects.

By Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, MD

What patients most frequently ask their Lyme doctors

After testing and treatment discussions, physician says most common question is “Can chronic Lyme be cured?”

By Dr. Christine Green

Recognizing and treating Lyme disease in young children

In addition to physical symptoms, Lyme can also cause behavioral or mood changes in children.

By Dr. Charlotte Mao

Is there a connection between autistic spectrum disorders and tick-borne illnesses?

Studies indicate that approximately 25% of those with ASD show evidence of infection with Lyme disease.

By Dr. Rosalie Greenberg

Rooting out hidden causes of anxiety, depression, mood disorders in teens

Conditions that present as psychological disorders often have physical causes

By Dr. Kenneth Bock

Natural remedies for the chronic inflammation of Lyme disease

Diet, toxins, stress, and microbes can all contribute to inflammation. Herbs can help tame the fires.

By Dr. Bill Rawls

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