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Stay up to date with the industry’s most trusted association publication. Members of LDo enjoy exclusive access to online issues of The Lyme Times, one of the most respected publications in the industry covering Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. This premier, quarterly online digital magazine looks at issues that aim to educate and improve patients’ lives.

The Lyme Times provides the best in features, news and commentaries, written by leading Lyme-literate physicians, world-renowned scientists and patient advocates. The journal explores a broad range of topics including treatment options, diagnostic testing, children and tick-borne diseases, disability coverage, insurance challenges and patient data analysis.

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The Lyme Times: Delivering information you can trust.

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  • Learn about the latest developments in diagnostic testing and treatment, including alternative therapies.

  • Read how early and late stage Lyme disease differ and how co-infections can contribute to chronic illness.

  • Get the benefits you deserve. See how to navigate health and disability insurance hurdles through authoritative articles and patient narratives.

  • Stay abreast of the most current legislative news and how it might impact you.

  • Explore articles featuring in-depth analyses of patient data gathered through MyLymeData and LDo’s extensive list of surveys and polls.

What People Are Saying About The LymeTimes!

Dr. Joseph Burrascano "The Lyme Times is a must-read for everybody- practitioners, patients, caregivers and the media. Having been an active Lyme treating physician for nearly three decades and after having cared for over 14,000 patients with tick-borne diseases, I am acutely aware of the need for accurate, unbiased reporting of the many topics these illnesses bring up. The Lyme Times informs of critical literature, important political events and actions, the personal observations and experiences of Lyme literate practitioners, and paints a clear picture of living life with these illnesses. Helpful information can always be found there. I not only encourage everyone to add this to your “must read” list, I also encourage you to contribute to this fantastic effort by joining and sharing your thoughts, tips and wisdom. A little financial support would be great too! It is always good to be part of a winning team. " Monica White Colorado Tick-Borne Disease Awareness Association “The Lyme Times was among the first resources I located that addressed all of the issues I was facing as an individual, wife and parent of children diagnosed with Lyme and multiple other tick-borne diseases. The Lyme Times connects me to the people and resources I need as both patient and advocate!" Doug Fearn Chairman, Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania The Lyme Disease Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania has helped thousands of patients over the past 15 years. We value the Lyme Times as a terrific educational tool. is an amazing organization and I urge everyone in the Lyme community to support their work. Lonnie Marcum Physical Therapist and Lyme Disease Advocate "Three years ago my daughter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and two co-infections. Living in California we were at a huge disadvantage, as none of her Doctors had any experience treating her illness. A quick Google search brought me to where I found detailed explanations and guidance that were critical to finding an experienced Doctor. As a member of LDo, I have found the Lyme Times to be a favorite reference for the latest news in Tick-borne diseases, and the best resource guide for all the current research. I highly recommend the Lyme Times archives which are filled with heart felt stories and solid research that still holds true today." Tom Feldman "I’m the father of a young woman who became ill her freshman year in high school. The Lyme Times was one of the few sources of information I could trust. Neither tainted by ideology nor making grandiose claims the Lyme Times published what was known about a difficult disease to treat and cure." Sandra Berenbaum, LCSW, BCD Psychotherapist and co-author of
"When Your Child Has Lyme Disease: A Parent's Survival Guide"
"I encourage my clients to join, so that they can have access to the Lyme Times. It's an important source of information about tick-borne diseases, the politics of Lyme, and personal stories that they may be able to relate to."
Kenneth Liegner, MD Pawling, New York "The Lyme Times, extant now for several decades and originally created almost single-handedly by Phyllis Mervine of The Lyme Disease Resource Center in Ukiah in the beautiful Coast Range of northern California has 'morphed' in to the electronic-publication of with many contributors. Throughout, The Lyme Times has been a reliable source of accurate scientific information concerning tick-borne diseases and a forceful and articulate voice of political advocacy. Recently it has informed patient-powered research using Big Data. When I want to 'catch up' on breaking political issues, review cogent analyses of recent scientific developments, or human interest stories about patients or the 'shakers and movers' in the Lyme & TBD endeavor, I turn to The Lyme Times. "