Winter 2023

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Sex-based Differences In Lyme Disease

Women with Lyme disease take longer to get diagnosed and face higher risk of severe and prolonged disease

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

A New Way of Thinking About Long-haul Disease May Steer Research in Promising Directions

Use of the term “infection-associated chronic illness” has become a crucial first step in changing how scientists approach persistent disease

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Let’s Establish an NIH Office for Long-haul Diseases Such as Long COVID and Long Lyme

Journalist proposes consolidating research on seemingly unrelated conditions that emerge from an infectious origin

By Ryan Prior

Why It Could Cost Up To a Billion Dollars Per Year to Cure Lyme Disease

Executive Summary of CLA report outlines the scope of the problem — and what it would take to fix it

By Center for Lyme Action

Making Sense of Lyme Research – What Does Science Say?

After her husband died of Lyme-related causes, Nicole Bell applied her engineering skills to analyzing the state of Lyme research”

By Nicole Danielle Bell

What Mental Health Professionals Need to know about Lyme Disease

Psychiatric manifestations of Lyme disease can be profound and diverse

By David Aronson, LCSW

Cautionary Advise Regarding “Benzo” Drugs for Lyme Patients

Benzodiazepines can present special challenges for people with Lyme disease.

By Dr. Jennifer Leigh

Advanced Imaging Shows Lyme-Related Brain Fog is Real

Cutting-edge imaging modalities can detect objective changes in the brains of Lyme disease patients

By Nancy Dougherty

Can Microdoses of Psychedelics Effectively Treat Neuro-Lyme?

Tiny doses of psilocybin may be an important adjunct to the treatment of neurosychiatric Lyme and other conditions affecting mental health

By Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, MD

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