Fall 2022

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Pioneering Lyme Pediatrician Charles Ray Jones Dies at Age 93

Many parents have credited him with saving the lives of their children.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Dr. Jones called both Great Satan and Mother Theresa

Pediatrician almost lost his practice for treating children with Lyme disease.

By Janet Jemmott

Dr. Jones’s Still-Relevant Advice on Children with Lyme Disease

Some signs and symptoms are specific to children suffering from Lyme and other tick-borne infections.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

A Eulogy for Dr. Charles Ray Jones, by Friends and Admirers

“…one should try to live each day in such a way that something could be done of significance…”

By Sandy Berenbaum,

The Heroic Dr. Charles Ray Jones and the Gift of a Boy’s Life

Troy was hiking after nearly four years of treatment.

By Mary Beth Pfeiffer

When Lyme is Misdiagnosed as Mental Illness

Depression and anxiety are frustratingly common in people with long-term Lyme disease.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Dr. Jones Bucked the Establishment to Help Kids Recover from Lyme Disease

Medical community was critical of his life-saving efforts.

By Pamela Weintraub

Racial Disparities in Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease

Navigating the diagnostic maze and finding care may be beyond the grasp of underrepresented populations.

By Melissa Wright

Why Chronic Lyme Patients Can’t Get the Care They Need

Survey of Lyme-treating doctors highlights barriers to providing treatment

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

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