Summer 2016

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Disability Denied

Lyme disease patients may need a legal advocate to face down insurance gatekeepers

By Mala Rafik, Esq.

The Fine Art of Tick Testing

Knowing the infectious agents in your tick increases the likelihood of proper treatment

By Karen Miller

MyLymeData Goes to Washington

Lorraine Johnson presses Lyme message at the AAAS and The White House

By LymeTimes Editor

Blacklegged Ticks Spread Across America

CDC study finds ticks carrying TBD in nearly half of U.S. counties

By LymeTimes Editor

Borrelia mayonii Discovered

Mayo Clinic identifies new Lyme-like disease

By April Josselyn

Lyme Disease Research Review

Addressing ILADS, Ray Stricker critiques the best (and worst) studies published in 2015

By LymeTimes Editor

Jesse Colin Young

Singer-songwriter music video reflects on his Lyme experience

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

A Hopeless Hypochondriac

A distinguished Air Force career ends in shame because doctors didn’t understand Lyme

By Ruben Lee Sims

Patient Resources

Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases (TBD) present complicated challenges for patients.

By LymeTimes Editor

Advocates Accuse CDC of Bias and Favoritism

CDC promotes outdated IDSA guidelines while ignoring new ILADS guidelines

By LymeTimes Editor

Virginia Senate Passes Doctor Protection Bill

Doctors allowed to treat according to any of the NGC guidelines

By NatCapLyme

NGC Delists IDSA Lyme Disease Guidelines

The IDSA’s guidelines no longer meet IOM trustworthy standards

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

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