In the Crucible of Chronic Lyme Disease A collection of reports spread out over the 25 years of the Lyme Wars

By Ken Liegner, MD

I n the Crucible of Lyme Disease, published in 2015, contains an encyclopedic collection of letters, abstracts, articles, speeches and stories, lab results and autopsy reports spread out over the 25 years of the Lyme Wars. In her introduction, Pam Weintraub calls his book “a gift” and says she used Liegner’s extensive documents when writing her own book, Cure Unknown.

Created over the course of so many decades with such meticulous attention to detail, the book takes us right to the center of action in the way a sculpted, manicured narrative never could.

Weintraub recommends that we read In the Crucible “like scholars read historical documents — one letter, one newspaper story, one record, one artifact and inscription, one report at a time.” Indeed, at over 800 pages, that’s a smart approach, though I found myself drawn through the pages, remembering people from the early days and marveling at the many platforms where our fight for truth and justice have taken place, and when Ken Liegner was front stage center…… Join or login below to continue reading.

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