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By LymeTimes Editor

L yme and associated tick-borne diseases (TBD) present complicated challenges for patients. screens a wealth of information and posts selected sources on our website. Please visit Members’ Resources page for recommended books, articles, videos and links to the internet…… Join or login below to continue reading.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    One of our team or board members will be reaching out to you shortly.



  2. Please contact us as well with the information about the Lyme literal doctors in Wisconsin. Thank you!

  3. I believe this is what my daughter (30 yrs) has suffered with for the past 3 years since she was bit by a tick. We cannot seem to find a physician in the Toledo area that believes Lyme disease exists. Help! She has all the symptoms and HORRIBLE daily migrains.

  4. I have an LLMD in Louisiana, but I reside in Texas (southeast of Dallas) and I need a PCP to consign or rewrite out of state orders for infusion treatments asap and can’t find anyone to even SEE me because I’m “too sick”

  5. I am looking for lyme practicianers in the Houston Texas area. My wife has been sick since 2014 and the only doctor we have been able to find is Dr. Salvato. Since she and most doctors can only spend 15 to 30 minutes with you, it is very difficult for them to provide the kind of help that lyme patients need. So if there is a better medical approach to help with Lyme, please let me know

  6. Looking for a lyme literate psychologist/psychiatrist and neurologist in the Newark, DE area. Must have treated Lyme patients previously and understand how Lyme can affect the brain.

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