Twenty-Four Things You Should Know about Being in Lyme Remission Savannah Marcum shares several tips she has learned throughout her journey of remission.

By Savannah Marcum

I recently had a long, meaningful phone conversation with my only friend in remission.

Lyme disease remission

She and I have very parallel health journeys, having our lowest points around the same time and almost dying around the same point as well. We ended up in remission around the same time, too.

We’ve bonded a lot over our parallel health stories and especially over our parallel remission journeys.

One day, we had this long phone call. We were just comparing notes and the things we both went through. One topic I loved and wanted to turn into something to share was the topic of “the things people don’t tell you about remission.”

She and I were both very much “lone wolves” in our health struggles and had no real reference point of what our futures (and health, especially) would look like. Honestly, we both had come to terms with death as a very realistic option because of how sick we got. Neither of us really expected to live to see where we are now.

Through stubborn perseverance, we are both alive and well. But because we had no reference points for what to expect for our health, we had no idea what to expect for “remission” either.

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