A Slow Slipping Away Kris Kristofferson’s Long Undiagnosed Battle with Lyme Disease.

By Dana Parish

Kris Kristofferson Long Undiagnosed Battle with Lyme Disease K ris Kristofferson, still crooning and gorgeous at 80, is a Country Music Hall of Famer who ranks among the most versatile of American talents. He’s been a Golden Gloves boxer, a Rhodes scholar, a college football player, an acclaimed actor, a military officer, a helicopter pilot, a Grammy-winner, a self-described screw-up and an icon.

Like many, I was stunned and elated to read in Rolling Stone that Kris’s long-diagnosed Alzheimer’s turned out to be Lyme disease, and that with proper treatment, he is back on the road, doing all the things he loves, and being his blazing, irreverent self again.

Here, Kris’s fierce, intuitive wife, Lisa, tells us how she shepherded him through a haze of missed opportunities and misdiagnoses and got him back.

    • QWhen and how did Kris’s Lyme symptoms begin?
    • AAbout 12 years ago he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which looking back, should have been the first indication that a test for Lyme was warranted. But we suspect he’s been infected with Lyme anywhere from fourteen to thirty years because he used to have these chronic muscle spasms, which is a common symptom. We were in LA at the time, in Malibu, and I just don’t think doctors were looking for it or aware of it there then. But now we know it’s everywhere. There are signs on my local playground that say beware of ticks.

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3 Reader Comments

  1. Shame on doctors for not recognizing symptoms.As a Canadian in eastern Ontario I had to see a Lyme specialist in Plattsburgh NY Jan 2016 after 2years of debilitating sickness. Am feeling whole again and am able to enjoy life.

  2. Our family is suffering terribly in Texas where we can’t get treatment or even signs to warn people of these hideous tickborne infecticious diseases! How in the world can our local, state and federal governments continue to ignore this pandemic?
    Thankful Kris found help!! Would love to know details, but can’t afford to join your assn. 😞

  3. I have symptoms that could be due to Alzeimer’s disease, but I believe they are the result of a tick bite I got in late summer of 2016. I am having issues with my memory. I hope to get a blood draw done and have the sample tested for Lyme disease.

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