Dealing with Lyme disease and mold illness at the same time According to Dr. Raj Patel, mold treatment can play a huge role in Lyme recovery.

By Laurie Martin

A ccording to Dr. Raj Patel, if you have been treated for chronic Lyme disease and are not getting better, toxic mold could be a contributing factor.

According to Dr. Raj Patel, toxic mold could be making your Lyme disease worse
Dr. Raj Patel

In his experience, one half of all unresolved Lyme disease cases are due in part to inflammation caused by mold illness.

Dr. Patel has over 20 years’ clinical experience in medicine, treating chronic Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, mold illness, autism and related conditions.

He recently shared information and insights about his approach to Lyme and mold at’s MyLymeData2017 conference in San Ramon, California.

Exposure to Lyme and mold are very common occurrences, Dr. Patel says, but not all people who are exposed will come down with symptoms. Patients with a strong immune system may be unaffected, but those with a weakened immune system, or other contributing factors, can become chronically ill.

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