Allodynia feels like sand paper rubbing across a sunburn A few simple tricks can help those suffering from allodynia pain.

By Sophia Galpin

A llodynia is pain produced by a non-painful stimulus–something that shouldn’t normally cause you pain, such as wind or light touch.

Usually, when you hurt yourself, whether it be from a burn on a hot oven or if you fall over and scrape your knee, your brain receives a pain signal. These painful sensations are interpreted by our nocireceptors (specialized nerves where pain signals originate).

Allodynia In patients with allodynia, however, those receptors are being triggered incorrectly. They react to stimuli that for most people are harmless and shouldn’t cause a pain response.

What does it feel like? Like having really bad sunburn all the time. And when clothes, sheets, or people touch you, it feels like sand paper rubbing across your sunburn. Even other people’s hair touching you makes you feel sore….Join or login below to continue reading.

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  1. So the herxheimer made this worse? Usually the herxheimer effects wear off, don’t stick around indefinitely. Is this possibly mast cell activation as a result of lyme?

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