How 11 top NYC doctors missed my Lyme disease This is one of a series of guest blogs by people who have enrolled in MyLymeData.

By Dana Parish

A July 2014 wedding on Long Beach Island, New Jersey was the start of my nightmare.

patient-doctors-missed-lyme-disease-img1It was a beautiful weekend filled with love for two of our dearest friends who were, after 14 years together, finally legally able to marry. There was lobster and champagne and a crazy Gordon Gekko-style house on the beach. I sang a few songs, made a toast, and cried happy tears.

I woke up two days later, back home in NYC, with a crushing head and neck ache. It was weird, but I figured I would sleep it off and be better in the morning. It took a few days, but I recovered.

patient-doctors-missed-lyme-disease-img2That Saturday, I got out of the shower and saw a faint red circular rash on my shoulder with a bug bite in the middle. My knees buckled. I called for my husband, Andy, “HUNNEEEE! I have LYME!” He really didn’t think so.

I banged on my neighbor’s door, still in my towel, “Rachel! Look! Lyme!” She told me no way. But I knew, and I walked to the ER…… Join or login below to continue reading.

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  1. Hi Jacqueline, yes the Lyme Times is a part of our membership package. This allows us to continue to advocate the way we do.

  2. I’m sorry but that’s messed up. You get people all enthralled and hooked on a persons story, then tell these people who are in incredible pain and misery from this disease Already, and you lure them in and then tell them, they would have to pay and become a “member” first. For information that could potentially help them and even save their life. The sad part is, I would probably do it . Why? The agony and misery of this disease is unbelievable, I would “almost” give up my first born. In fact, there are times when I would of. Please be kind, and remember what your mission statement is and why? Thank You

  3. Teresa,

    Thank you for your comments. I have sent you a separate e-mail with Membership options.
    Kind regards,
    Lori L. Martens
    Accounting & Membership Operations
    Visit us at
    P.O. Box 1352
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