Winter 2019

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Is gender bias against women in Lyme disease a problem?

Maya Dusenbery’s book Doing Harm explores gender bias in today’s medical system.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Which Lyme Disease Treatments Are Most Effective?

“Super responders” are key to personalized Lyme disease treatment.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Which Alternative Lyme Disease Treatments Work?

Lyme patients all hope to find the most effective treatment with the fewest side effects.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

CDC Report Neglects Tens of Thousands of Lyme Disease Patients

Lyme disease cases for 2017 are actually much higher than the CDC-reported number—as much as 10 times higher.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Lyme Advocates Say Canada Offers Toxic Tokenism to Patients

Canadian Lyme Patients to “Give Input” on Matters Already Decided.

By Vett Lloyd, PhD; Liz Zubek, MD, CCFP FCFP; Sue Faber and Jennifer Kravis, co-founders, LymeHope; Janet Sperling, CanLyme; Linda Kelso, Ontario Lyme Alliance

The Problem with Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis

Most patients with late or chronic Lyme disease waited years for proper diagnosis with devastating consequences.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Lyme Disease Misdiagnosis by Geography

There are those who say you can’t have Lyme because it “doesn’t exist” where you live.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Defining Chronic Lyme Disease

Who decides what constitutes scientific evidence for chronic Lyme disease?

By Phyllis Mervine

Chronic Lyme Disease Remains a Contentious Term

Some claim that chronic Lyme disease is not a legitimate diagnosis.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Abandon the Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome Label

Broader criteria are needed for chronic Lyme disease diagnosis.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

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