Plasmapheresis and Transfusion Treatments for Lyme Disease Many U.S. and Canadian Lyme patients are traveling to the Lyme Mexico Clinic for alternative treatments.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

gravely infected with Lyme disease I first heard about the Lyme Mexico Clinic, Dr. Omar Morales, and plasmapheresis from a friend—a father whose 22-year-old son had been gravely infected with Lyme disease, Babesia, Bartonella, and related conditions. Despite oral, IV, and other treatments from top Lyme doctors in the U.S., the young man’s health worsened by the day.

“My son was overrun with Babesia and Bartonella infections in his blood stream,” the father told me later. “About 90% of his red cells were infected. This level of infection was giving him life-threatening psychiatric and physical symptoms.”

The experts they consulted recommended a procedure called plasmapheresis.

What Is Plasmapheresis?

The plasmapheresis process filters the blood; removes harmful substances, such as overactive cytokines, pro-inflammatory mediators, heavy metals, and toxins; and then returns it to the body.

Plasmapheresis is used throughout the U.S. for a variety of conditions, including Guillain-Barre syndrome and sickle cell disease, but not typically for tick-borne diseases (TBDs).

But, although many U.S. hospitals have the capability of performing this procedure, this family couldn’t find one willing to do it for their son. (I assume this was due to the weird and destructive medical politics that surround Lyme and TBDs in this country… but I digress.)

Who Is Dr. Omar Morales?

Dr. Omar Morales, Lyme Mexico ClinicFinally, the family learned about Dr. Morales and his clinic in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, and took the young man there. He received plasmapheresis and a therapy called red blood exchange over a period of 11 days. According to the father, “By the third treatment, my son was coming back.”

By the final day of treatment, my friend says the young man was better than he had been in years; at that point, he really started on his road back to health. The father credits Dr. Morales with saving his son’s life.

Knowing this background, I was eager to hear Dr. Morales’s presentation at the recent ILADS conference in Chicago—and pleased to have some time to chat with him afterward………… Join or login below to continue reading.

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