The Vexations of Lyme, Mold, and Doctor Appointments Mold can severely impact your body, and coping with it can be a full-time job

By Rachel Leland

A s if dealing with Lyme disease isn’t difficult enough, many folks with Lyme discover that they also have another problem–mold toxicity. Mold can severely impact your body, and coping with it can be another full time job on top of the full time job of dealing with Lyme disease.

If you live in a moldy environment, the first order of business may be to move or arrange for mold remediation. Yet that step alone often won’t put the issue to rest. You may need specialized treatment to rid your body of toxins that have taken up residence in your system. And that can be a complicated process.

“Resiliently Rachel,” a blog addressing the challenges of treating Lyme and mold, shares the author’s personal experiences with these issues.

The following excerpt discusses how to make the most of appointments with your mold doctor. (The advice applies to LLMDs as well.)

I always go into the doctor’s office with a typed up sheet of all my symptoms and any questions I have. Between appointments, I use a notes app on my phone to write down random symptoms that come up, so when it’s time to write a list of everything, it’s all there on my phone.

I print two copies, one for me and one for my doctor, so we can both be looking at the same thing. It’s easy to become overloaded with all this new, life-changing information, and walk out of the appointment without all my questions answered. Having things written down makes it easy to check off each point as we talk about it.

I also bring any recent lab work or test results, even if I think the doctor already has them. Things can get lost or shuffled around the office, and it’s safest to bring your own……. Join or login below to continue reading.

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