Lyme Disease: The Year in Review A short list of good and bad research from the past year

By Raphael Stricker, MD
Ray Stricker
Dr. Stricker is the past President and Board Member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). He currently serves as a Board Member and co-Principal Investigator of MyLymeData for

T he year 2016 saw its share of excellent tick-borne disease articles as well as the usual stinkers. Here is a short list of good and bad articles from the past year.

Good articles are based on scientific evidence that is current and unbiased. The articles generally undergo objective peer review and are published in independent journals. Bad articles are based on expert opinion or evidence that has been refuted by newer studies. The articles generally undergo “like-minded” peer review and are often published in specialty society journals.

Here is a sample of good articles with their conclusions:

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