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The Lyme Times features articles about Lyme disease diagnostic guidelines, stages of disease progression, alternative treatments, advancements in research, political action updates, and first-person stories written by patients living with Lyme disease.
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Explore topics that matter most to patients and their families. Lyme Times’ special edition issues provide in-depth coverage on a variety of topics, including tick-borne diseases in children and adolescents, integrative medicine, and insurance challenges, along with updates on legislation impacting patient care.
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A comprehensive database of resources covering insurance and disability, treatment guidelines, healthcare policy, and links to helpful organizations, support groups and publications.
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Already included in your current membership level.LymeDisease.org members enjoy exclusive access to view and download a select group of educational videos featuring physicians who specialize in Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases. Presentations are available based on membership level.
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Find a Lyme disease specialist. The LymeDisease.org Physician Directory lists specialists throughout the country trained in diagnosing and treating tick-borne diseases.

LymeDisease.org is the most trusted source of information by patients with Lyme disease.

We fight to make the patient voice stronger, support science-based advocacy, create legislative change, and to create a future where Lyme patients can receive the treatments they need to get well.

We are the largest communications network for Lyme disease and the most trusted source of information by patients. We put patients center and drive health care policy and science from the inside out.

Our big data project, MyLymeData, is the largest study of Lyme disease ever conducted. Your contribution helps continue this study.

  • Education And Outreach.

    Since 1989, LymeDisease.org has grown from publishing a single page newsletter into the largest communications network representing Lyme disease patients in the nation. Starting with our highly informative website, our content is widely distributed via blogs, social media, and our quarterly journal, the Lyme Times. Members of the board have published over 50 peer-reviewed publications.

  • The Lyme Times.

    The Lyme Times is our flagship publication. We inform the community about Lyme disease news, treatment approaches, research and political action through this quarterly journal. Join today to receive The Lyme Times.

  • Healthcare Policy.

    We give patients voice and we amplify their power. Together, we fight for patient rights and for a seat at the table. Our large scale survey on proposed FDA regulation that would restrict access to lab tests drew over 8,000 responses in two weeks and allowed us to present patient views to the FDA. We joined with 5,000 patients to present survey results to the Infectious Diseases Society of America asking them to include patients with chronic Lyme disease on their panel. Patients deserve treatment guidelines that help them get well. Our CEO was an author on the treatment guidelines of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society and is actively involved in the arena of evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care, both nationally and internationally.

  • Grassroots Advocacy.

    Solving the critical health problems faced by Lyme patients requires grassroots involvement as well as local and national advocacy. We work with local advocates to help provide them with the tools they need for their long-term legislation efforts to succeed. For example, using our Voter Voice platform, citizens of Massachusetts sent thousands of messages to lawmakers in support of a Lyme-related insurance bill in their state. That important bill became law in August 2016. There is strength in numbers when we work together! We also promote grass-roots efforts through our nationwide network of state-based internet groups.

  • Research.

    Our patient-powered research tool, MyLymeData, allows individuals with Lyme to pool their personal experiences to help drive research towards a cure. Science is based on evidence. Patients need more than hope–they need proof. The estimated 1-3 million patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease today can’t wait years for clinical research trials. With over 16,000 patients enrolled, MyLymeData is in the top 10% of patient registries in the nation. We have published two of our large scale surveys on access to care and quality of life in peer-reviewed journals. LDo has funded research at Stanford, the University of Connecticut at New Haven, Stony Brook, and Johns Hopkins.

  • Physician Directory.

    We provide patients with referrals to healthcare providers and we provide physicians with patient education tools. Nearly 300,000 patients have taken our symptom checklist and many have shared the results with their physicians to help foster earlier diagnosis.