LymeTimes Special Issue
Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

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LymeTimes Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Special Issue
The Agony of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Mother recounts daughter’s precipitous health decline from tick-borne illness and severe allergies to chemicals and food

By Lonnie Marcum

An Overview of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

MCAS, an inappropriate release of chemical mediators, can cause inflammatory symptoms anywhere in the body

By Dr. Todd Maderis

Sensitive Patient’s Healing Guide offers Hope and a Game Plan

In New Book, Top Experts Offer New Insights and Treatents for Environmental Toxins, Lyme Disease, and EMF’s

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

What’s the Connection Between Mold Illness and MCAS?

Chronic mold exposure can lead to ongoing inflammation and a faulty immune response

By Tania Dempsey, MD

Are Hidden Ingredients in Pills Making You Sicker?

Excipients — every ingredient in a medication that isn’t the active drug — can cause severe MCAS reactions in some people

By Lonnie Marcum

Severe Weather can Worsen Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Rapid changes in atmospheric pressure can alter the signaling pathways in mast cells, making them more reactive

By Lonnie Marcum — 35 years of advocating for you

Starting as a small grassroots support group, has grown into an influential voice for Lyme patients

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

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