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Lyme Times
Spring 2012

  • Embers Monkey Study
  • Medical Board Backs Down
  • Lyme Basics
  • Patient Voices
  • Advocates in Action
Lyme Times
Summer 2012

  • “Dr. Phil” Exposes the Agony of Lyme
  • Disease Distribution by Songbirds
  • Pushing the Patient Perspective
  • Eagle Scout Awareness Project
  • My History of Lyme
Lyme Times
Winter 2012

  • IDSA Protest – Advancing Science, Improving Care? Not!
  • Personal trauma and economic hardships drain family resources
  • Lyme Borrelia related to bacteria causing relapsing fevers
  • Lyme Myths
Lyme Times
Spring 2011

  • Immune Markers May Help Diagnosis
  • Beware Gender-Biased Diagnostic Tests
  • Multiple Sclerosis? Consider Lyme
  • Denial of Chronic Lyme Both Unwarranted and Costly
Lyme Times
Fall 2011

  • Burrascano Speaks to Patients
  • Lyme Linked to SIBO
  • IGeneX Founder Talks About Lyme Testing
  • National Patient Survey
Lyme Times
Winter 2011

  • A Turning Point – Studies show benefit of extended treatment
  • Diagnostic Process Remains Complex
  • Axis of Evil – IDSA resorts to name-calling to discredit opposing viewpoints
Lyme Times
Summer 2010

  • Treatment Choice Essential for Patient-Centered Care
  • Research Confirms Persistent Infection
  • “Post-Treatment” Lyme a Misnomer
  • Documenting Persistent Infection
Lyme Times
Winter 2010

  • Science, Research and Patient Care
  • The Reality of “Lymebrain”
  • Awareness Through Education
  • Exploring a Complex Disease
  • Getting the Full Treatment
Lyme Times
Spring 2009

  • Lessons from the AIDS Epidemic
  • Dealing with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Tips for College Students with Lyme
  • Managing the Stresses of Chronic Illness
Lyme Times
Fall 2010

  • Vitamin D and Chronic Tick-Borne Complex
  • Getting the Treatment You Need
  • Treating Viral Infections Coupled with TBD’s
  • Pressing Ahead with the Science of Lyme
Summer 2009
Lyme Times

  • Historic Hearing Crowns 4-Year Concerted Effort
  • Evidence Submitted to Dispute Restrictive Guidelines
  • ILADS Challenges Critical Language in Guidelines
Fall 2009
Lyme Times

  • “Do no harm.” – The Hippocratic Oath
  • Active Infection: Clinical Definitions and Evidence of Persistence in Lyme Disease
  • Early Lyme Disease
  • Late Lyme Disease
Winter 2009
Lyme Times

  • Keeping them Honest
  • Activists Charge “The Hill”
  • Lyme Disease: An American Problem or Worldwide Plague?
  • Dare to Defy
Spring 2008
Lyme Times

  • “Basic Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Sorting Out Lyme and Associated Coinfections
  • Bartonella-Like Organisms (BLO)
  • Cognitive Impairment in Lyme Disease
Summer 2008
Lyme Times

  • Understanding the Western Blot
  • How to Respond to Insurance Denials
  • Opinion-Based Medicine Harms Patients
  • Elegy to a Healer
Winter 2008
Lyme Times

  • A Functional Medicine Approach
  • Biofilms
  • The Lyme Pioneer: Stem Cell Therapy
  • So you think you want to be an Activist?
Summer 2007
Lyme Times

  • Pain
  • Lyme Disease Literature Review
  • Tickborne Diseases and Coinfections
  • CT Medical Board versus Dr. Jones
Winter 2007
Lyme Times

  • Research: Extended Treatment Helps
  • Lyme Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Stories of Children and Adolescents
  • Are Long-Term Antibiotics Really that Bad?
Spring 2006
Lyme Times

  • Who Controls Insurance Guidelines?
  • Central Line Catheters
  • Shortage of treating physicians
  • DEET versus Permethrin as a Tick Repellent
Fall 2006
Lyme Times

  • Giving Bicillin a Shot
  • The Marshall Protocol
  • Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children
  • The MS-Lyme Connection
  • IDSA’s New Guidelines
Spring 2005
Lyme Times

  • Invisible Disabilities
  • Flagyl, Spirochetes and Rock & Roll
  • State Legislation in the Lymelight
  • A Ten Step Guide for Disability Claimants
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