“Lyme Complex” Triggers Pandemonium in Immune System Doctor describes multisystemic approach to control inflammation in new book.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

I n 1996, Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer had practiced integrative medicine for seventeen years, focusing heavily on food sensitivities, digestive issues, and nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Daniel Kinderlehrer new book about Lyme diseaseThen, he suddenly developed a serious illness himself. It started with fever, chills, and muscle aches, which waxed and waned with alarming frequency. Eventually, this ailment would spin his life and medical practice into an entirely new direction.

During Kinderlehrer’s initial search for what was wrong, he tested positive for Lyme disease. At first, that diagnosis brought relief. The standard medical advice was that a short course of antibiotics would clear the infection. Soon, he thought, he’d be good to go.

Uh-oh. That’s not how things turned out.

“The Lab Must Be Wrong”

Kinderlehrer started the suggested treatment and promptly got worse. Intractable insomnia, anxiety, violent shaking of his body. Finally, he contacted a prominent physician with a reputation as an expert in Lyme disease.

Here’s how he summarized the conversation later::

You don’t have Lyme,” [the expert] concluded.

Well, then, what do I have?” I was confused.

Something else,” he replied.

But what about the lab tests?” I asked. “Using the western blot technique, the assay demonstrated the presence of antibodies highly specific for Lyme. I even repeated the tests one month later, and they confirmed the initial results. Isn’t this the CDC criteria for the diagnosis of Lyme?”

The laboratory must have been wrong,” he informed me.

Why do you think I don’t have Lyme?” I responded.

Because if you had Lyme, you’d be better by now.”

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