“Lyme Denial-itis” Stole My Daughter’s Childhood Failure to diagnose a vector-borne illness forced this family through a medical nightmare and years of suffering.

By Janice Sutton

Janice Sutton gave the following remarks to the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group on October 27.

A s a critical care nurse for over a decade, I saved lives, using current—not antiquated—science. But when it came time to save my own 14-year-old daughter’s life from tick-borne diseases, that very same medical community neglected, abandoned, and even abused us.

Lyme disease misdiagnosisOur medical nightmare included over 20 doctors in four states, including a children’s Lyme clinic, where they even missed the tell-tale Bartonella striations across her spine. She had a constellation of symptoms, including everything from low grade temp to “sudden onset” psychiatric symptoms.

This medical nightmare included many misdiagnoses, which were costly in time and money. I was even slapped with a “Munchausen’s by Proxy” misdiagnosis. It was truly horrifying.

My daughter is now 21 and we know her diagnoses: Bartonella henslae, Bartonella quintana, dysautonomia, autoimmune dysfunction, encepholopathy and optic nerve ischemia. Although her childhood was stolen, she is now in the good hands of the doctors that I call “The Galileo Doctors.” She is now able to attend college part time….Join or login below to continue reading.

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