Most MyLymeData Participants Worry About Exposure to COVID-19 Patients report taking actions to reduce their risk, including cancelling in-person medical appointments.

By Melissa Wright

C OVID-19 has disrupted life throughout the world for a year now. In the United States, more than 27.9 million people have been infected with the novel coronavirus and more than 490,000 have died from it. (As of February 17, 2021.) Daily life throughout much of the country has been severely impacted. Many localities have enacted stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and face mask requirements. People have had to modify how they work, shop, and educate their children.

In May 2020, MyLymeData launched our COVID-19 Impact Survey to learn how the pandemic is specifically affecting the Lyme community. The survey covers topics like COVID diagnosis of MyLymeData participants or those in their household, the impact on Lyme medical appointments and possible financial burdens.

With vaccine distribution now underway, we at MyLymeData want to know how you think the vaccine may affect you.

Therefore, in January 2021, we launched a new COVID-19 survey. It focuses on your vaccination plans and/or concerns, your risk of exposure, and your level of comfort or concern with carrying on with your normal day-to-day activities amidst the pandemic.

If you have taken the vaccine, we want to know whether you had any side effects.

If you are already enrolled in MyLymeData, all you have to do is log in and click on COVID-19 Impact Survey and/or COVID-19 Vaccine Survey for Lyme Patients on your participant dashboard. If you have not yet joined MyLymeData, you’ll have to go through that process first, and then take the COVID survey.3.

The following are preliminary results from people who took the first COVID survey between May and September 2020……Join or login below to continue reading.

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