Number one Research Priority for Lyme Disease? Better Testing.'s research reveals the top ten Lyme disease research questions

By LymeTimes Editor

T he nation’s top research priority for Lyme disease should be finding a more accurate and sensitive diagnostic test.

That’s the conclusion of a broad-based collaboration of researchers, treating physicians, and Lyme disease patients in the United States who took part in a comprehensive priority-setting process over the past two years.

Other priorities for Lyme research identified by the group include finding more effective treatments for both early and late stages of the disease, and determining why some patients develop a chronic form of the illness.

Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by the bite of a tick, can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Furthermore, many patients diagnosed with Lyme disease remain ill after treatment, while others improve., which advocates nationally for Lyme disease patients, recently released the results of the process, “The Top Ten Lyme Disease Research Questions.”

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