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Spring 2019

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Breitschwerdt explains what’s known and unknown about Bartonella

Infectious disease specialist discusses the ins and outs of cat scratch disease.

By Dr. Edward B.
Breitschwerdt, DVM

Lyme? Mold toxicity? Other chronic ills? Read this book.

Dr. Neil Nathan’s new book, “TOXIC: Heal Your Body” is a must read.

By Lonnie Marcum

Rebooting Methylation – Emphasis on Unusually Sensitive Patients

An excerpt from Dr. Neil Nathan’s book “TOXIC: Heal Your Body”.

By Dr. Neil Nathan

2019 Chart Book for the MyLymeData patient registry

Report captures information about patients with chronic Lyme disease that was previously unknown.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Baseball’s Tom Seaver Diagnosed with Dementia

Seaver’s dementia diagnosis comes 28 years after Lyme disease diagnosis.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Bartonella and Sudden-Onset Adolescent Schizophrenia

A teen with sudden-onset psychotic behavior is misdiagnosed with mental illness.

By Tracy Peake,
North Carolina State University

From Darkness to Light

The Society to Improve Diagnostic Medicine Tells the Lorraine Johnson Story

By Sue Sheridan

Patients Want National Institutes of Health to Prioritize Chronic Lyme Research’s comments and recommendations on the proposed NIH Tickborne Diseases Strategic Plan

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Autopsies Should Look for Lyme Carditis in Cases of Unexpected Death

Lyme disease should not be overruled as a case of death in unexplained cases.

By Phyllis Mervine

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