Podcast Highlights Survivors’ Stories Host inspired by how sales leaders found purpose in overcoming chronic Lyme disease.

By Fred Diamond

W e all know that Lyme disease can cause major career disruption. But what if overcoming the disease can help you find your life’s purpose and mission?

I host The Sales Game Changers Podcast for sales professionals around the globe. I interview sales leaders about tactics, strategies, and ideas. Because someone in my life has chronic Lyme disease, I became interested in learning more about how survivors could transform their lives.

I recently hosted an episode called, “How These Leaders Discovered Their ‘Why’ After Conquering Chronic Illness and How It Applies to Sales.”

I sought out people to interview who had overcome their disease, or at least contained it, and found a more purposeful way to focus their careers and lives.

Great sales professionals are always looking for ways to find their purpose and mission so they can better serve their customers. I knew these lessons would resonate with my audience.

I’ve met some amazing leaders who have battled chronic Lyme and have shifted their career paths and life efforts to helping others suffering from chronic illness. I am inspired by them all.

amazing leaders who have battled chronic Lyme

You can listen to the episode below or read the complete transcript. This episode was one of our most listened to ever……Join or login below to continue reading.

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