Summer 2019

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Was Lyme disease a biological weapons experiment?

Kris Newby’s new book, Bitten, explores the possibility of biological warfare and Lyme disease.

By Kris Newby

Is Lyme disease a bioweapons experiment gone bad?

Kris Newby’s book, Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, is a wakeup call.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

A Critical Investigation

Legislators call for investigations into claims of weaponized ticks by the U.S. government.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Companion Bill to Bipartisan TICK Act Introduced in the House

According to Rep. Chris Smith, “A new national strategy—as defined in the TICK Act—will ensure everyone is on the same page in fighting Lyme.”

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

State Lyme Bills

New legislation offers more coverage to Lyme disease sufferers who use antibiotics for treatment.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Lessons I’ve learned in Seven Years with Lyme Disease

Writer Anthony Wallace shares how Lyme disease has taught him to follow Nietzsche’s advice to “become who you are.”

By Anthony Wallace

Lyme Disease Stigma and Privacy Survey Results

The Lyme community is filled with untapped data about a disease that is commonly misunderstood; however, Lyme patients want the assurance that their privacy is being protected and that their data is not being misused.

By Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

Group’s Abrupt Shift Excludes Lyme Patients

Stark differences in the 2017 Tick-Borne Disease Working Group and the 2019 Working Group show a lack of transparency and could be indicative of bigger issues to the detriment of Lyme patients.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

Tick-borne Disease Working Group is headed in an alarming direction began a petition to revoke Dr. Eugene Shapiro’s appointment to the Tick-borne Disease Working Group panel.

By Dorothy Kupcha Leland

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