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For the past 25 years, has made the patient voice stronger. Our new project, MyLymeData brings hope to hundreds of thousands of patients through patient powered research. It will be the largest study of chronic Lyme disease ever conducted. Big data research can show us which treatments work best for patients. It was conceived by patients, is run by patients, and will drive research to improve patients’ lives. Your tax deductible donations to will help make this goal a reality.

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Your tax deductible donation makes it possible for to advocate for change, raise awareness and fund research that can improve patients’ lives.

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Donate in memory or in honor of a loved one. You will have the ability to send a notification of your gift to the person you are honoring or loved ones of the person who you are donating in memory of .

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What if you could double or even triple your donation to Many employers will match a donation that an employee makes to a qualified non-profit organization.

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Fundraising Participants are raising funds so we can reach our goal – find a cure for Lyme disease. Donate to a campaign to help make a difference! You can also create your own fundraiser.

MyLymeData lets patients lead the way to help find a cure.

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