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I’ll be attempting to run 100 miles in May to raise awareness for Lyme disease and hope you will consider joining me in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Kristen’s 100 Miles for Lyme Disease

by Kristen Wojahn

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Milwaukee, WI, United States (US)

Kristen Wojahn

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Campaign Story

May 2020: I was on week 4 of feeling like complete garbage. After weeks of what was an endless cycle of asking myself, “why do I feel like this?” and without any real answers from doctors who I could only see virtually because of COVID, at the suggestion of a friend I called my doctor and asked them to order a Lyme disease blood test. It had been winter in Wisconsin and there was no tick or tick bite to be found anywhere, so I was surprised – yet relieved – to find out that the severe lethargy, numbness in every single one my limbs and brain fog I was experiencing was, in fact, Lyme disease. There is very limited understanding of Lyme disease by most traditional Western medicine practitioners and it shows up very differently in everyone, so it can be hard to diagnose. If caught early enough, simple antibiotics treatment can usually clear up symptoms. But if it isn’t caught early enough, the long term side effects can be crippling to physical and mental wellbeing.

Now, May 2021: While I’m feeling just fine, I want to do what I can to drive awareness for this sneaky culprit called Lyme disease and at the same time encourage my family and friends to join me in getting outside and staying active now that it will finally be nice enough in the Midwest.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month: I’ll be running 100 miles in the month of May and hope you’ll consider joining me to donate your time, energy (I like running buddies even if they’re virtual), or if you’re up for it, your tax deductible donation to All I want to do is harness my energy into something that can spread the word about a surprising hurdle I had to cross last year, and at the same time fund important information generation/awareness for those who may not catch Lyme like I did in the nick of time.

What you can do:

Follow me on Strava and hold me accountable to hitting my 100 mile RUNNING goal in May – don’t be afraid to call me out

Run or walk 100 miles with me!

Wear bug spray if you’re going camping, hiking or sitting in grass

Put bug spray on your kids

Use flea/tick prevention on your dogs

Check yourself for ticks

Check your kids for ticks

Check your pets for ticks

If you have a friend who is feeling off and they can’t seem to figure out why, ask them if they’ve been checked for Lyme disease


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Laura and John Yedinak $100.00 April 29, 2021
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