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I have never spoken publicly about living with Lyme Disease, so this is a big step for me. I got sick in 1999 with constant fevers, flus, body aches, joint aches, migraines and extreme chronic fatigue. Looking back, I’m not sure how I raised two children, created a new, blended family, and kept my volunteerism going. I guess it was sheer determination not to wither in the face of this mysterious undiagnosed disease.

Lyme is a funny disease in that people will tell you that, “you look great”, or,” you don’t look sick”, which can really do a number on your head. Behind that smile is a person who is drowning in pain and that has such incredible brain fog and reduced cognitive function that they can hardly communicate. Lyme can make every day living feel like an out of body sort of surreal state of being where presence, much less, productivity, is far reaching. This can have devastating affects on friendships and on careers.

In 2003, when they could find no cause for my illness, my doctor offered me a “Myer’s Cocktail” IV consisting of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, and B-vitamins. I did those IV pushes every week for three years and in 2004 I finally began to feel better. I still had a very weak immune system and I had to be mindful diet, exercise and proper sleep. Whenever I began to feel the symptoms slipping back in, I ran for the IV room. Unfortunately, in 2008, my symptoms returned and the Meyers were no longer able to help me to fight off the disease. I was diagnosed with a host of auto-immune disorders and ended up having to have 1/2 of my  thyroid removed due to “abnormal” nodules that were pressing on my windpipe. At that time, I began a protocol of 30 to 50 gram bags of Vitamin C IV’s, UVB treatments, homeopathics and myriads of new supplements to treat the symptoms and viruses that kept attacking my body. These treatments helped me to function, but I was a long way from healthy.

In 2014, my son, Thomas, introduced me to my current Naturopath, Nafysa Parpia, ND.. Dr. Parpia insisted that I take a Lyme test (which was negative in 2000), and low and behold, I was CDC positive for Lyme Disease. We added new supplements and cranial-sacral work to my protocol, but the most effective treatment that has brought me to a whole new level of health is our work with O-zone.

Though it is a daily challenge and an expensive journey, I feel very lucky and grateful that my doctors have at least found a protocol that, more often than not, keeps my Lyme population at bay. I am one of the lucky ones who has terrific, long periods of feeling healthy. On some days I feel like I have all of the energy in the world! But, when a flu or infection or huge stressors give the Lyme bugs an opportunity to take advantage of a weak host, I return lickety-split to the IV room for my tune-ups and to sit with my fellow Lymers who are not so lucky and who are still very sick. Oh how I wish for a cure for all of us.

Now that I am feeling better, I am taking a stand for those who’s lives are so under water from this disease that they can’t possibly advocate for themselves, much less, others. Will you take a stand with me? Will you make a contribution toward research and in finding a cure for Lyme Disease?

With love and appreciation to my family for their love and understanding and their patience and to all of my doctors and nurses who have helped me live a happy life despite this disease; I love you ALL. And to all of you who will consider advocating for us Lyme sufferers and help to push for a cure, I love you, too.



Awareness + Compassion + You + Me = A Cure For Lyme Disease

by Tricia Dickinson

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Seven Simple Facts:

  1. Lyme Disease is the fastest growing vector-borne disease in America (Center for Disease Control – 2014)
  2. Tick-borne diseases can be spread by deer, squirrels, birds, mice… and humans.
  3. Children are at the highest risk for contracting Lyme Disease (CDC – 2013)
  4. Lyme Disease can cause over 300 different symptoms. And yes, it can be deadly.
  5. Over 329,000 new cases of Lyme are diagnosed in the US each year. That equals 38 cases each hour.
  6. Treatment for Lyme Disease costs 1.3 billion per year and health insurance often DOES NOT cover treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease.
  7. It’s up to us pull together to advocate and to push for a cure.
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