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My goal for this fundraiser is to donate money to the research of Lyme and raise awareness of it so if it does ever happen to you, you will be able to be treated on time. Any donations to the research of lyme and to help support the research for a cure would be greatly appreciated!

150km for Lyme

by rebecca oconnor

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Galway, Ireland

rebecca oconnor

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hii! I will be walking 150km throughout the month of march in aid of lyme disease research! Lyme disease is a tick borne disease which affects 300k people every year. As I am suffering with lyme disease it is a very personal and worthy cause that is not researched enough. I have suffered with Lyme for almost four years now, although I was only diagnosed with it for two years! Lyme is very under-researched disease both in Ireland and globally. The tests and treatments available for Lyme through our healthcare system is not nearly enough, with only one specialist in the whole of Ireland. Lyme disease, also known as the ‘invisible disease’ can cause serious damage if it is gone untreated such as neurological damage, cognitive issues, muscle weakness and seizures, not even mentioning the daily symptoms for sufferers such as chronic fatigue, joint and muscle inflammation, dizziness, brain fog and flu like symptoms.

Lyme is one of the many diseases which go unnoticed in our health care systems, leaving patients suffering. Early stage lyme can be treated by a course of antibiotics if caught on time, but if left late like myself, can be almost impossible to cure due to the lack of research. It can trigger other conditions such as fibromyalgia for me, and puts huge pressure on the immune system. My goal is give a donation to help fund the advancement of Lyme disease and various co-infection and help to spread awareness!

*If you have any suspicious of lyme disease or a tick bite, go to your GP as soon as possible. Lyme disease can be cured if caught early.*

Here are some links to facts about lyme and typical symptoms: